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it's been so long

i can't believe this is still here. lj was kind of my everything for a long time and then it slowly became less and less so and now it's been since 2011 since i even logged in to write anything. life is weird. age is weird. i don't actually know anything.

Happy 2011

A brand new year.

It's strange, I don't remember the last time I've had a new years where I felt so optimistic and glad. I really get the feeling... that this year is going to be something spectacular. I'm not sure what it is yet.

I feel peculiarly balanced between childhood and adulthood, but not in an unpleasant way. More like I have the opportunity to be a little of both.

I can't quite place everything I'm feeling right now, but I have a lot of hope and optimism, and I think that has to be a good thing.


I signed up and paid for my summer classes. One of them is just an online graphic... design... thing. Literally ART 100. I really don't know what's going to come of that... the class is a month long. It's a prereq for almost everything else left on my major though, so... Gotta take it.

The other class I'm taking is dubiously titled Animation I. What really worries me is the class is only two weeks long. What the hell? The class is Mon - Thur, 8:30 - 12:00 so they'll two packed weeks, but I just don't understand how a whole class can be shoved into two weeks. Whatever it is, I hope I can handle it and it's not some sort of stress pot. We'll see.

Work is... still a conundrum. I'm not sure what to do. I don't hate Game Daze, but... but... but almost any job would pay more and be a shorter drive. Argh. Another thing to wait and see. I wish I could doodle for a living. Speaking of doodling:

The Game's Afoot!Collapse )

Under da' Sea

Ahhh, just got back from Disneyland (um, again.) Yeah, I realize I go there a lot. I can't help it. An offer to head over there pops up and I am on that in an instant. This trip was a little strange for me because I'm so used to going with my family and instead it was with Juukai and her mom and little sister... But it was still a good time and awkwardness was kept to a minimum.

I got to eat in the Blue Bayou which was awesome. I've always wanted to and now I finally got to! That being said, the food was ridiculously expensive and not worth the price... But I suppose it's all about location! I'm still glad to have been in there...

Pin trading was... intense. I spent too much money on pins. In fact, I spent too much money on a lot of things... I got a new sketchbook while I was there which was awesomeeee. I've already got plans to attempt to do some Disney studies in there. I did a page of Ariel already... I'm still pretty bad.

Bad Photo is BadCollapse )

Well, I'll keep at it. I'd really like to spend a page drawing Milo from Atlantis. I always loved how angular he was drawn...


Books So Far
1. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
3. The Return of Sherlock Holmes
4. Magic's Pawn
5. Magic's Promise
6. Magic's Price
7. Sorcery and Cecilia.
8. Making Money
9. Coraline

Post your favourite suggestions. 8D


I've had this journal for far too long and some of the earliest of my entries are rather humiliating to read back through sometimes. God, but I'm such a whiner!

I'm getting back into reading again, and in a big way, it seems. It's nice. I never realized I missed it... Once upon a time I had a goal to read 50 books in a year. I'm already late for 2010, but maybe I could still give it a go and try to make up lost time.

It'd be nice to make that goal, where I never have before. Yup, I'm going to do it!

Books So Far
1. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
3. The Return of Sherlock Holmes
4. Magic's Pawn

That's my start, anyway. I opened at work today, and worked with Keri. She really makes it worth while... However, I find my interests moving elsewhere. Especially since I run the chance of getting hired with Juukai and getting a near two dollar an hour raise I like my job, I do... But it gets so frustrating at times, too.

Also, this icon totes makes me think Godot has stolen Kristoph's glasses. 8D

Work, School, and the Sims

I've been getting more hours as of late at work, at least one extra a week. It's been really nice, actually, I find that I adore opening shifts. As much as I grump as I pull myself out of bed at 7:45, it's more than worth it to be off by four and have the rest of my day free. Except for Thursdays when I have the rest of my day free... to go to scriptwriting class.

What a joke that class has continued to be. So stupid. It had such potential... Still, as a final project, Juukai and I plan on putting together a (simplified) script of the story for Kaydence and Sebastian of what we have written so far. It's... a lot longer than the 20 pages required. It's going to be a bit of a task slimming it down and to be honest, the story itself isn't actually completed yet, but just the first half... But, I'm sure it'll be more than what our lackluster teacher is expecting. I have no doubts of my passing grade in this class which is, at least, a relief.

Life Drawing... is a thing in of itself. Some days I find myself relaxed and enjoying what I'm drawing, and other days I go through all three hours a little ball of tension. I wish talent didn't seem to float in and out of me as it does. I don't understand how I can enjoy one drawing so much and then do another and want to give up on attempting to draw ever again. Of course, I know it's just me being over-dramatic.

Yesterday we had some people over, Uncle Gordon and his fiance, Heather, and Aunt Carol and her boyfriend Mark, and they all played music with my dad on drums. With the girls, Ashley, and the Huesbeys all over, it was... quite the full and noisy house, but it was kind of fun. I don't mind a little noise and mayhem as long as it doesn't last too long. They were all gone before 10, so it was all fine with me.

I've been playing Sims 3 lately, and I blame Kate for this for planting the bug in me. I don't know what it is that's so fascinating about this fake-real life of these people, but I can't stop. I make all my fictional characters and enjoy seeing how they act and interact with each other... And stfu, I did not make Holmes and Watson sims, or Diego and Kristoph Kristiana. (SHUT UP I WANTED PREGNANCIES.)

I am such a loser.

Updating from work..

Janice's animals have arrived. I have, of course, given them all new nicknames. To sum up our animal situation, there is now the kitties: Kristoph, Diego, Jake, Mia, Miles, and Bikini. And two dogs, Phoenix and Iris. Don't judge me, I like my Ace Attorney named animals... It's like playing Pokemon, but in real life. And they like to poop in corners of the house..

I feel like I've been so lazy lately. Lazy artistically, lazy at school, lazy at home, at work... I know I'm not, well, all the time, but certainly more than I should be. I'm trying to be better about it... For one, starting next week I'm going to have more hours which will not only make me feel more productive but be more money for the pocket. I know Juukai is wanting to go to Disney again sometime before long because her mom and sister's annual passes will be ending soon. I can't blame her the want to see family and going to Disney always kicks ass I'd love to go again, too, I just wish it wasn't so expensive...

I really need to get into some sort of exercise... Janice was talking about Wii fit. I'd be more than willing to try this... My stomach is starting to go round again and that scale is starting to go up again, both things I'm not happy with. I don't want to set a goal weight for myself since I'm just disappointed when I'm not at it, but my mind has set one for me anyway, haha. Well, I hope I can get there...

Nothing else new, really... The semester's coming close to an end and I welcome it.

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I... I don't even know where I've begun. I've just gotten back from the Michael Buble concert. I am... guh. I don't know how to do this without going into major gush mode. I guess I'm just going to have to go into major gush mode.

Our seats were pretty good. We weren't the front row, or anything like that, but you could see him really clearly even if you had to angle in your seats a bit. The opening act was a group called Natural 7, and they blew my mind. They were this a capella group that just... they imitated these musical instruments in a way I could never imagine. You'd think you were really hearing a violin, a cello, a bass, A FREAKING ELECTRIC GUITAR. They were so cool. I would go to see a concert of just them if I could. But anyway.

There was a break between them and Buble, and man did the crowd go wild for him. I won't lie in saying I was among them. It was just so exciting... And he was just as amazing singing in person as he is on any of his albums which was just so amazing to me. So many people are over-processed and over-corrected that when you see a live performance, they no longer sound anything like themselves.

But Buble was not among them. <3 He sounded great and I was more than happy to move to the aisle and dance my spastic little heart out. And at one point he started walking among the crowd and my dad pushed me to run forward, so I did, and I actually got about ten feet of him...

He's so... I don't know. Talented. And humble. And adorable... I would go to see him a million times again. His dancing was so cute, and the reporte he did between songs had me laughing so hard... Just call me another little fangirl. Sigh. <33333

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